Competitive Sailing
Olympic Gold Medal 2004
Winning the gold medal was for me something very special, it was the climax of 8 very long and hard years of training. My crew Beni Vexler, Aronon Efrati and our coach Gil Yakimov experienced the best and sweetest dream of an athlete – to succeed in doing all what we know in the right time and place.
We had a great competition and our competitors were very tough and strong, so all the credit to the other teams that won the medals and participated in such a great sportsmanship way.
I learned about myself a lot in the whole process of building a crew, team work, listening and accepting other ways of thinking, dealing with problems of other people and upgraded my life with great memories that will go with me forever.
It’s a long way and one has to set his targets, if you don’t do so you will never get anywhere.
To make those around you believe in the goal takes a lot of patients and endless efforts but the satisfaction in the end is worth it all.
Not always we succeed in what we do but what I found important in life, is to-do things. You have to try and move yourself forward, doing makes things happen, we don’t know sometimes where it will end, but we become more positive and lots of roads start to open all around us. The feeling of doing is very unique and I believe in it.

Arnon Efrati – main
Benny Vexler – jib
Dror Cohen – skipper
Coach – Israel Altman
The boat – Sonar
Class -Sonar
The Sonar is a 7 m (23 ft) one-design keelboat for three to five people. It is bermuda-rigged, with a large mainsail and a 100% jib. The class is recognised by the International Sailing Federation.
The Sonar showcased disabled sailing at the 1996 Paralympic were the sport was a demonstration event with just the Sonar. Sailing and the Sonar as the equipment for the three person keelboat have been in every subsequent Paralympics. When being sailed by disabled it is crewed by 3, and sailed without a spinnaker. Instead, when running downwind a whisker pole is used to hold the jib out to windward for maximum exposed sail area. The Sonar is well suited for handicapped sailing because of its large cockpit making adaptations easy.

1998 World championship New Port– 7th
1999 World championship Cadiz – 4th
2000 Sydney Paralympics – 8th
2001 World championship St.Petersburg – 5th
2003 World championship Athens – 2th
2004 Athens Paralympic – Winning Gold Medal!!!
2005 World Championship Denmark- 5th
2006 World championship Perth – 5th
2007 World championship USA – 4th
2008 Beijing Paralympics – 5th
2009 World championship Athens – 2th
2010 World championship Medenblick – 4th – World Cup Hyeres – Winning Gold Medal !!!
2011 World championship Weymouth – Winning Gold Medal !!!
2015 World championship Melbourne – 4th

Rally Raid Racing
Driver: Dror Cohen.
Co-Driver: Looking for one, it can be your photo here.
Racing Car
Maverick X3 Xrs 154 HP

Rally Raid Racing
Driver: Dror Cohen.
Co-Driver: Looking for one, it can be your photo here.
Racing Car
LS6 V8 5.7 L. 400 HP
Automatic Gear Box 4L80E
Good Year – MTR
Weight – 2300 kg.
Bilstein Shocks
Baga Israel 2008
Rally Israel Crossing 2008
Baga Israel 2009
Baga Israel 2010
Rally Israel Crossing 2010
Dakar 2002


Dror has been one of Etgarim’s founders and is still active in managing and carrying on Etgarim’s mission.
Etgarim (meaning ‘challenges’ in Hebrew), is a nonprofit organization that provides the disabled in Israel with outdoor sports and recreation activities.
Our main goals are to facilitate the physical, emotional and social rehabilitation of the disabled, through outdoor sports and recreation activities, to enhance their wellbeing, and advance their integration into mainstream society.
Etgarim was founded in 1995 by a group of disabled veterans of the Israel Defense Forces, disabled civilians, and senior rehabilitation professionals.
Etgarim is open to any physically or mentally disabled person, regardless of age, sex, race, ethnic or religious affiliation.
For more details see

Kav Hazinuk
Dror volunteres, lectures and is an active part of Kav Hazinuk
Kav Hazinuk- Turning Sparks into the Flame of Leadership- The growing inequality of opportunity and a lack of visionary leadership are two of the major challenges facing Israel today.
Kav Hazinuk (“The Starting Line” in Hebrew) addresses these challenges by hand picking high-potential youth from difficult socio-economic backgrounds and empowering them to create a better Israel.
For more details see
Negishut Israel –
Access Israel, a non-profit organization dedicated to making Israel an accessibleplace for all its citizens, including those living with an array of disabilities.
Dror is proud to work and talk about Negishut Israel and help in any way he can to prompt making Israel a more accessible place for people with disabilities.
IsrALS’ primary goal is to advance research of ALS in Israel. Indeed, since formed, it succeeded in dramatically transforming the research map.
In addition to enhancing research and finding a cure, the foundation realizes and understands the needs of patients and their family members.
Dror would like to make as much as more awareness to this association.
Dror gives lectures voluntarily to schools all over Israel as well as to soldiers of the Israeli Army

Modeling for CHAOS

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“Who dares, Wins”
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