Dror Cohen's Biography

In 1992, then a 24 year-old F-16 fighter pilot in the Israeli Army and instructor at cadet school I was paralyzed from the waist down in a car accident.
This huge setback took me a few years to come to terms with, but I went on to become an accomplished all round sportsman.
Being disabled but with a keen interest in extreme sports, I noticed a severe lack of equipment, facilities and trained instructors for disabled sports enthusiasts, so in 1995 he I became one of the founders of Etgarim, a non-profit organization that promotes various outdoor sports for the disabled in order to enhance their physical, social and recreational well-being.
Winning gold medal in the Paralympics for sailing in the Athens games 2004, world champion in 2011, and also an accomplished snow skier, water skier, surfer, diver, rock climber, bungee jumper and a race car driver. I even completed the Paris-Dakar Rally Race across the Sahara in 2002.
Today I am involved with an amazing start-up” Softwheel”- a brilliant invention that helps wheelchair users enjoy a more comfortable, bump-free ride. Am the father of amazing 3 years old twin girls, enjoys Kite surfing and trains for the 2016 Paralympics games in Rio.
“I have overcome many obstacles and challenges before and obviously after my accident. I have proved both to myself and to society that despite my physical disability there is nothing I cannot do, even when competing in tournaments against able-bodied people and supporting others facing physical and mental difficulties”.

“Life has taught me that ‘He who Dares Wins’. I have always been a ‘winner’ and am convinced in my ability to perform and cope with the greatest of challenges”.
Sport Achievements
GOLD MEDAL IN THE 2004′ ATHENS OLYMPIC GAMES in sailing (Sonar class).
Israeli ski and water ski champion for several years.
Israel’s sailing champion in the Sonar class; was placed fourth in the world championships in Spain in 1999. Took second place in the world championships in Athens 2003. 4th in America 2007. Took eighth place in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games and fifth in Beijing 2008.
2nd in the worlds Athens 2009.
Winning Gold in Hyeres 2010′.
Wiinning Gold World Championship Weymouth 2011′.
Participated in the Paris-Dakar Rally in 2002, the most renown largest, longest, riskiest and most covered rally in the world. I set out for the Dakar 2008, but this was posponed due to terrorist attacks.
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